Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Time to make some terrain

One late October morning I woke up with an idea to make my own set of terrain. Not a single scenery peace, but a modular, expandable terrain system, which would allow me to populate and transform our personal war-zone with changing needs for missions and back-story. 
My love of everything alternative, weird wars and various punks (cyberpunk, diesel-punk, steam-punk) set the aesthetic direction of  modern-semi-futuristic buildings and complementary artifacts. I drew inspiration from real-life industrial plants, research facilities.

I wanted to design a system of buildings suitable not for a very particular game system, but adaptable, transformable  for a number of wargame systems, especially where terrain plays an important role in the game, where miniatures interacts with scenery, where scenery can be transformed based on the flow of the game.

Here is the first batch prepared for a local Infinity tournament:
Night before the tournament
Secret research facilities 
Some Nomads approaching entrance. Miniatures painted by a fellow gamer
Old dock hangars
We are looking to improve design and considering selling them.

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