Sunday, 8 February 2015

Rooftops in progress

Currently working on modular rooftop/second floor components. It's designed to be compatible with our catwalk system being made in parallel. 

The roof has a square hole to fit a stairway or a catwalk
The roof acts as a balcony for a smaller building
When a stairway is not needed, the perimeter of the hole can be fitted with handrails
The roof parts also function as the floor for a second floor


  1. Holy crap, This looks amazing. I would be very interested to know how much you'd charge for maybe 4 of the larger buildings plus 4 of the smaller with rooves.

    1. Thank you! To clear up any misunderstandings about the buildings, could you specify which buildings from our shop you are interested in?
      And as of now, the roof parts are not yet ready to be sold, they will finished up in the (near) future. We will gladly notify you when we put them up for sale.

    2. Ah, i didn't realise you had more buildings up for sale :)

      I think i'd go with 3 lab buildings a warehouse and 4 control rooms of mixed type

  2. Ok, we have a few offers for you. Please contact us on for further communication.