Thursday, 30 July 2015

Bats on the Sunset

 Justice doesn't do Summer Vacations. So neither does Batwoman! Had a little test game of the Batman Miniature Game. A detective, two undercover SWAT agents and Batwoman intercepted a contraband transfer overseen by Black Mask's gang. 

The docking bay's walkways are drenched with crime!
The Detective is on the case!
A caped figure looms over the docks!
As always, the good guys won in the end!

Even without assembled miniatures the test game went well, several rules were missed, like collateral dice knocking down henchmen or shooting attacks actually requiring 2 AC, but a lot of fun was had. The game doesn't seem very complicated and brings a lot of pleasant Helldorado vibes. 

Black Mask's mob is definitely going to get the painting it deserves.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Shop Update: Half-Walls!

Half-Walls have been added to the shop. The Battlefields page also got some new content. Bridges will be coming up shortly.