We use the Lithuania Post Office for shipping. We only send priority registered and insured (when available) parcels We will provide precise shipment cost after packing and before sending an invoice. It usually takes about 1-3 weeks to reach your address.
The set will be packed as carefully as possible in a cardboard box filled with soft materials. 

Estimated Shipping costs:

Up to 2 kilos:
Australia 14 EUR
United States 14 EUR
United Kingdom 10 EUR
Netherlands 11 EUR Insured
Israel 14 EUR
Germany 10 EUR
Spain 11 EUR Insured
Belgium 11 EUR Insured
Finland 11 EUR Insured
11 EUR Insured

Up to 1 kilo:
Australia 10 EUR
United States 10 EUR
United Kingdom 8 EUR
Netherlands 9 EUR Insured
Israel 10 EUR
Germany 8 EUR
Spain 9 EUR Insured
Belgium 9 EUR Insured
Finland 11 EUR Insured

Poland 9 EUR Insured

Please look at the postage-prices for raw shipping estimations to other countries.

FREE SHIPPING: for orders over 120EUR we offer free shipping. 

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